Truly the best wild dolphin encounters in the world. No other location or operation come close to the quality or quantity of wild dolphin interaction.

So, what is it like to swim with a wild dolphin? In a word - incredible! For many people it is a very personal event, for some it can be a life-changing experience. There is very little doubt when you look into a dolphins eye there is someone intelligent looking back.

These wild spotted dolphins come to play with us of their own free will. This is a natural wild dolphin encounter where the dolphins are in complete control of the interaction. They can appear or disappear at anytime. Dolphin encounters can last from a few minutes to several hours each.


A young wild dolphin comes racing in to ride the bow wave of the Dolphin Dream. Dolphins of all ages like to ride the pressure waves that are created by the bow of a moving vessel.


Playing with a bandana.

More like bandana keep away! Once the dolphin have a bandana they have tendency to not to give it back. They carry it on their peck fins, tail fluke, mouth and even dorsal fins. Only a few dolphins with close familiarity with trusted humans like Captain Scott will actually take the bandana directly from humans. Most of the time we have to drop the bandana mid water and back away to give time for the dolphins to pick it up. This game was actually taught to humans by the dolphins. They naturally pick up seaweed and carry it around on their fins occasionally chasing each other around or passing it back and forth. After also often carrying around seaweed with the dolphins, in 1992 Captain Scott finally gained the trust of two male dolphins, Black Spot and White Spot that allowed him to join in. The two dolphin and one human were passing seaweed between them! Definitive wild dolphin and human game had started. Captain Scott eventually introduced a bandana which the dolphins loved and the game expanded to other individual dolphins over the years.


In the water you can hear the dolphins communicating with whistles and echo-locating with clicks and a humming sound you can feel as a tingling sensation. Graceful, fast and highly maneuverable, they are perfectly adapted to their liquid environment.

snorkeling with dolphins

The Dolphin Dream Team promotes research and education through observation, interaction and play. 

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