Dolphin Dream Team

Swim with Wild Dolphins Bimini Bahamas

Swimming with wild dolphins is an experience of a lifetime! Meet eye to eye with the free and friendly Wild Dolphins of Bimini Bahamas.

Snorkeling with dolphins in the
natural environment of the Bahamas

There is a very special group of wild Spotted Dolphin living on the edges of the Bahama Banks and Bimini Island. Over the years, these dolphins have developed a unique bond with humans. A voluntary relationship based on play, curiosity, and trust, always putting the dolphins first. These encounters have allowed us to learn from the dolphins in their world and on their own terms.

Swiming with Dolphins!

We know, respect, and play with the dolphins like no one else, and the dolphins know this! They enjoy our companionship over any other group or operation. Our repeat customers come back year after year because they know we facilitate the very best in wild dolphin encounters. Only with the Dolphin Dream Team do you stay on board, in the dolphin area, day and night!

Week-long Ocean Adventure cruises aboard the Dolphin Dream.

Snorkel with Wild Dolphin, scuba dive reefs, and maybe even see a shark! All on one amazing semi-private charter trip! 

7 day, 6 night Dolphin Expedition, all inclusive, accommodations, food, dolphin encounters and fun in the sun! Departing West Palm Beach, Florida, for Bahamas dolphins and diving cruise.

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