Dolphin Dream Team

Join Us Aboard the Dolphin Dream
for the Best Dolphin Encounters!

Ocean Adventure cruises. Liveaboard, Bahamas Snorkeling and Scuba Diving on the M/V Dolphin Dream and Team.

The M/V Dolphin Dream and Team is a comfortable and spacious Bahamas liveaboard, providing the ultimate experience of dolphin snorkeling and scuba diving. This magnificent ocean expedition trawler yacht is 86′ x 26′ in size, designed to offer comfort and safety while sailing through the seas. The vessel has been refitted to ensure that it offers the best ocean encounters that are easy, safe, and fun.

More about life onboard

When it comes to the Dolphin Dream Team, you can be assured that you are in good hands. Captain Scott, who has over 40 years of experience with scuba diving and snorkeling in the same area of the Bahamas, is an expert who knows these waters and the wild dolphins like the back of his hand. His crew is a consistent, experienced, knowledgeable, professional, and fun team that ensures that you have an unforgettable experience.
Unlike fleet boats, the “Dolphin Dream” is owner-operated by Captain Scott, which makes a significant difference in the condition of the boat and level of service. Captain Scott spends more time on the boat than he does on land, making it his true home. He always ensures that the boat is clean, running well, and has good food onboard.
The “Dolphin Dream” is built and equipped well above any safety standards for its size vessel. It and its US crew are held to the highest USA standards, above and beyond many non-USA vessels. The vessel has twin major equipment, air conditioning, safety chase boat, and all the other redundant equipment to make your life on board comfortable and safe. All these features are aimed at providing you with the best live-aboard snorkeling and diving experience.
The vessel has five spacious cabins with full-size upper and lower bunk beds and one large cabin with a double bed, providing accommodation for a maximum of 12 clients. These cabins are located in the most comfortable place on the boat, ensuring that you have a good night’s sleep.
The interior salon is located on the main deck, making it comfortable and spacious. The salon has benches and chairs surrounding two tables for dining. The galley and salon are separated by a serving counter. The separate drink counter has a refrigerator, ice maker, coffee pots, and a sink. There is plenty of room with electric for cameras, computers, and chargers. The vessel has a TV, DVD, stereo, book, and video library.
There are two spacious heads with showers, an outside shower, and plenty of fresh water.
Life on a liveaboard is informal and relaxing, comfortable and clean. You will encounter a stress-free atmosphere where fun and excitement are encouraged. The days are spent experiencing nature, and the nights are spent anchored under the stars. The Dolphin Dream Team avoids tourist traps, ensuring that you have an authentic experience.
All US food, drinks, and supplies are onboard to make outstanding home-style cooking. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are prepared fresh, including meats, vegetarian options, starches, multiple vegetables, salads, and fresh fruits. While snacks including fruit, nuts, and sweets are always available, refreshments such as ice water, a variety of soda, juices, coffee, hot and cold tea, and lemonade are included. Notify the team ahead of time, and they can accommodate any special dietary needs.
The back deck has tables for cameras and socializing, a fresh water rinse bin, personal shelves, and stairs to the upper deck. The large built-in platform has scuba tanks and benches. The water is just a short distance from the entrance, and there is a ladder to climb out on.
The upper deck has a dinghy (for rescues), gear storage boxes, a sundeck for sunbathing, and a covered deck to stay out of the sun with plenty of space for dolphin watching. The large bow fore deck is another great place to relax and enjoy the expansive, beautiful view of the ocean.
The vessel’s 3rd deck is where the dolphin searching and driving controls are located, providing the best visibility for dolphins and people.