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A Dolphin Encounter of a lifetime. Wild Dolphin Snorkeling in the Bahamas.



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If you have ever dreamed of snorkeling with wild dolphins, White Sand Ridge Bahamas is the best place in the world!

Spotted Dolphins (Stenella frontalis) are fun loving sea mammals that are intelligent, friendly, and playful. Wild dolphin encounters on White Sand Ridge, Bahamas Bank enjoy snorkeling eye to eye with humans. Interacting in the wild with Spotted Dolphin is spiritually communicating with a highly intelligent being using body language. Possible they have been trying to interact with humans for centuries, but it has been only in the past few decades that humans have started to look at them as intelligent complex individuals.

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A young wild dolphin comes racing in to ride the bow wave of the Dolphin Dream. Dolphins of all ages like to ride the pressure waves that are created by the bow of a moving vessel. We go to the bow in anticipation to see who it is. Scott identified them as Notcho a young mother and Hali her two year old female calf. We go to the back deck and put on our masks, fins, and snorkels. Captain Robin stops the boat and we jump in to see if our friends want to play. The two dolphins come swimming excitedly around us. Then you make a free dive down to the white sand with the dolphins. During the trios decent Notcho picks up a strand of seaweed with her tail and drops it in front of you. Then you pick it up and carry it a little way then drop it. Hali comes over and picks it up on her dorsal fin, she has it for a while then it's Notcho's turn again. They were playing pass the seaweed game with you.

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Snorkeling and free diving during wild dolphin encounters you glide along side by side. Mimicking each others moves. A few of them will instigate tactile interaction with humans. They will rub along side of you or touch you with a fin. Some of these enjoy a gentle rub. Most of the dolphin prefers if you swim with your arms down at your sides and not reaching out for them. So they can swim shoulder to shoulder with you. Their eye to eye contact is hypnotic. These wild spotted dolphins come to play with us of their own free will. There has never been any feeding, training, or coaxing of any kind. It is a natural encounter with wild dolphins that are in complete control of the interaction. They can appear or disappear at anytime. Dolphin encounters can last from a few minutes to several hours each. The relationship is voluntary based on trust, play, and curiosity. Very active snorkeling and free diving are good ways to keep their attention.

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You need only a mask, fins, and a snorkel to swim with the dolphins. Go to a dive shop and get good fitting gear. You want to play with dolphins, not be worried with a leaky mask or snorkel. If you do not have any experience snorkeling, you may want to practice before coming on your trip. Try to go to the pool a couple of times and become comfortable with snorkeling gear. Even a few minutes of instruction and a little practice can enhance your trip with an increased skill level. We can provide instruction on the boat if you wish.

Your hosts Captain Scott Smith and Captain Robin Sabino will introduce you to the Spotted Dolphin of White Sand Ridge, Little Bahama Bank. Captain Scott has operated the Dolphin Dream since 1986 and has logged more hours in the water with wild Spotted dolphin than any other human. His love and respect for these dolphins had led to a unique relationship. Captain Scott was instrumental in getting these dolphins to open up to humans. The dolphins now join him and his passengers for games, such as pass the scarf or the occasional petting. All with completely wild dolphins, no training or feeding. Captain Scott has identified, documented, and cataloged 3 generations with the same groups of dolphins.


To enjoy this trip you will need to be able to manage yourself on a moving boat, swim and snorkel, and climb up a ladder to get out of the water.

The Dream Team promotes research and education through observation, interaction, and play.

Make your dream a reality. Come with us to the Bahamas.

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