dolphins bahamas Swim with Wild Dolphin Bahamas.

Dolphin Encounters with Atlantic Spotted Dolphin Bahamas.


swim with wild dolphin bahamas

Swim with Wild Dolphin Bahamas.
Dolphin Encounters with Atlantic Spotted Dolphin Bahamas.

The Bahamas lie off the east coast of Florida. With more than 700 islands stretching to the southwest. These islands dot the edges of what are referred to as Banks (vast areas of shallow water).The Banks consist of white sand and grass in 10 to 30 feet of water. The edges of the banks are lined with cays, rocks, reefs, and wrecks. Then it drops off to a water depth of 200 to 2000 feet. Around the edges the water is clear and the bank takes on an aquamarine color. In calm conditions you feel that you are in a the world largest swimming pool.

Swim with wild Dolphin in multiple locations in the Bahamas. Dolphin encounters with Atlantic Spotted Dolphin happen throughout the Bahamas. Different groups of Spotted Dolphin inhabit different location around the Bahama Banks. The Spotted dolphin travel and socilize among the differnet groups and locations.

The northern most bank is called the Little Bahama Bank. On it’s southern edge lies the island of Grand Bahama. The southern bank is called the Great Bahama Bank with Bimini on the north western side, and Andros on the east side. Between the Bahama Banks and Florida runs the Gulfstream, a major ocean current that flows north along the western edge of the Little Bahama Bank and Great Bahama Bank. The Port of West End is on Grand Bahama island and is 60 miles east of Palm Beach Florida. West End is our port of arrival for your Bahamas vacation. After Customs we head south ward toward Great Issacs and Bimini for dolphin encounters.

The spotted dolphin are far ranging. We have encountered dolphins all along the edge from West End to 60 miles north past White Sand Ridge to Walkers Cay. We have also had dolphin encounters south of West End at Freeport, Lucaya, Grand Bahama, Bimini, Cat Cay, South Riding rock, and Orange Cay.

Heading north ward to shar diving we pass Indian Cay, Wood Cay, and Sandy Cay. As the islands disappear behind us we pass the last little piece of land Memory Rock. North of Memory Rock we come upon beautiful healthy reefs, ancient ship wrecks, and emerald waters.

The weather in the Bahamas is similar to south Florida. Hot in the summer and cool in the winter. Summer time air temperatures range from 85 to 95 deg. and water temperature from 80 to 86 deg. Mostly bright sunshine but the occasional thunder storm move through. Hurricane season is from June to November. On rare occasions hurricanes do affect us. Over ten years we estimate only a three percent lose from hurricanes, most of the time it is only a day or two lost. Unfortunately there are no weather guarantees. Winter time temperatures range from 65 to 85 deg. and water temperatures range from 74 to 80 deg. Mostly bright sunny days and clear star filled nights.

We always hope for light winds and calm seas for your vacation, but occasionally Mother Nature can be rough on us. The weather good or bad is all part of having a truly wild dolphin adventure.

The Bahamas usually has beautiful weather and it is the best place in the world to swim with wild dolphins.

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