Snorkeling with dolphins is truly the best snorkeling in the world.

You glide along side by side, interacting eye to eye with these wild, friendly, playful and smart animals, mimicking each others moves. While you snorkel with dolphins they prefer if you swim with your arms down at your sides so they can swim shoulder to peck fin with you. Their eye contact is hypnotic, you hear them communicating with whistles and echo locating with clicks and a humming sound. Graceful, fast and highly maneuverable, they are perfectly adapted to their liquid environment.


Dolphins are fun loving sea mammals that are intelligent, friendly, and playful. Interacting with these wild dolphin is spiritually communicating with a highly intelligent being using body language. Possible they have been trying to interact with humans for centuries, but it has been only in the past few decades that humans have started to look at them as intelligent complex individuals.

Best snorkeling in the world!

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